49iUyjDYcAOlyqxBLqn6lXUV0atW9gbj0u_G-3UcXaw,ZkfMrEX4XCHZsZaGWxW4R-u07KUJZNY3z0xUCq3z9-wFor the comfort and convenience of your fellow passengers, GLTC asks that customers to:

  • Refrain from eating and drinking on your buses.  Spilled beverages are no fun for anyone!  We DO permit “spill-proof” cups, such as travel mugs, sport water bottles, sipper cups and baby bottles.  We also permit bags of food on the bus, but ask that you wait until you exit before eating.
  • All of our buses are equipped with trash bags near the front, and we ask that you deposit your trash in these bags, and not on the floor of the bus or on the ground at bus stops.
  • We also ask that customers keep baby strollers and shopping carts out of the center isle.  Why?  For everyone’s safety so that others may exit the bus easily.  Strollers may be positioned in the area reserved for customers with mobility devices, SO LONG AS THIS AREA IS NOT NEEDED BY A CUSTOMER WITH A DISABILITY.
  • Remember that the front row of seats over or immediately behind the front wheels are RESERVED FOR CUSTOMERS WITH DISABILITIES or SENIOR CITIZENS.  Please be prepared to give up these seats for these customers.
  • Although personal electronic devices are permitted (cell phones, IPODs, etc.,) not everyone wants to listen to your telephone conversation or shares your musical tastes!  Headphones only!  Again, for the comfort and convenience of your fellow passengers, GLTC asks that customers keep the respective volume levels low while riding your bus.
  • Please keep conversations and language civil.  Profanity or derogatory language is not considerate towards your fellow passengers.
  • Finally, we ask that our customers wear shirts and shoes, for safety.

Thank your for your understanding and cooperation.  By following these simple courtesies, everybody can enjoy their ride on their bus.  Customers who cannot abide by these simple and common practices of courtesy may be asked to exit the bus.  Repeat offenders may be barred from GLTC services.