GLTC’s Paratransit Services Program exists to serve persons whose disabilities prevent them from riding the regular city buses.

What is ‘PTS’ or Paratransit Service?

paratransit-iconParatransit service, or ‘PTS,’ is a public transportation service offered by the Greater Lynchburg Transit Company (GLTC) for qualifying individuals whose disability prevents them from using the regular GLTC bus routes. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has established regulations and standards for this service. It is also sometimes called ADA service. These rides are provided in vehicles smaller than buses, but may have more than one passenger aboard at a time. Rides can be requested from and to any location within our service area. GLTC’s service area for PTS includes the entire city of Lynchburg, and a three quarter (3/4) mile radius around our bus routes that extend beyond the city limits.

PTS provides origin to destination service.   The PTS driver, or operator will assist you with boarding and disembarking the vehicle, and will also help you secure yourself or your mobility device in the vehicle. However, for safety reasons, our operators must remain within sight of their vehicle, and can only assist you from the last door of your trip origin to the first door of your trip destination, if needed. Unfortunately, the operators are unable to either enter a residence or business to assist you further, or lift/carry you or your packages. If you need more assistance than we are able to provide, please indicate on your application that you will need a personal attendant/PCA. (SEE BELOW)

How does an individual qualify or become eligible to use this service?

In order to use PTS service, you must first apply to be certified. Individuals who feel that they have one or more disabilities that prohibit them from taking a bus must complete an application and be certified ‘eligible’. The application has two parts: one section that must be completed by you or someone on your behalf, and another section that must be completed by a medical professional who is familiar with your abilities. Once you have completed your section, you must forward the application on to the medical professional of your choice.  Once GLTC receives BOTH parts of the application, we will make a determination about your eligibility within twenty-one (21) days.

Once I am eligible, how do I request a trip?

You can call to make a reservation Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM. You  can request a trip up to fourteen (14) days in advance. However, you must call no later than 5:00 PM the evening before the trip is needed. When making a trip request, we need a return time for your trip unless you will be at a doctor’s office, and request a “will call”. Please be advised that will calls are first come, first serve and that you may have to wait for a few minutes until a van can pick you up.

Telephone: (434) 455-5099

When is service available?

PTS operates during the same times that the GLTC fixed route buses operate. If we are unable to offer a ride at the time you request, we may offer you a trip up to one (1) hour before your requested time, or a return trip up to one (1) hour after your requested time.

Please note that on certain holidays, GLTC buses and PTS service may not operate or may operate on a reduced schedule.

Where can I go?

GLTC’s service area for PTS includes the entire city of Lynchburg, and a three quarter (3/4) mile radius around our bus routes that extend beyond the city limits.

You can check the GLTC bus route guide and map for days, times and areas.

How much does the service cost?

The fare for each trip is $4.00 per person per one-way trip. You must have the exact fare, as drivers do not carry change. For your convenience, you may purchase debit cards worth $40.00 in fares from the operators. The debit cards do not expire.

When will I be picked up?

When you make your reservation for a trip, the dispatcher will confirm that we are going to be able to provide that trip for you.  But, because our schedule is affected by traffic and the promptness of other passengers, it is difficult for us to predict an exact time.   Please be prepared for the vehicle to pick you up between ten (10) minutes prior to, and fifteen (15) minutes after, your scheduled pick-up time, unless we inform you otherwise.  For example, if you have a scheduled pick-up time of 8:30 AM, then you should be ready and waiting at the curb for our vehicle by 8:20 AM, and be prepared to wait until 8:45 AM.   If you are not at the curb, our vehicle will wait up to five (5) minutes for you to get to the curb.   If you have not arrived within that time, the vehicle will leave to pick up its next passenger.   Remember that if you are not ready on time, you are affecting the schedule of our other passengers!

May I bring someone with me?

All eligible PTS passengers are permitted to travel with a companion. You must notify the dispatcher at the time you request the trip. Your companion is required to pay the same fare as you. You and your companion must have the same origin and destination. You may request to travel with more than one companion, but only if there is space available on the vehicle.

If our eligibility approval letter to you explains that you have been certified to travel with a personal attendant/PCA, your personal attendant/PCA may ride for free when needed.

What if I no longer need my ride?

If you need to cancel a scheduled trip, please call the PTS dispatcher as soon as possible. It should be at least two (2) hours before the scheduled pick-up time. If you cancel later than that, or if our vehicle arrives to pick you up and you are not there, that causes a “NO SHOW”.  GLTC would like to meet all the public transit needs in our service area. However, excessive cancellations and No Shows can prevent us from doing so, as our staff and operators often waste time on trips that are not taken. Please make every effort to notify us as soon as possible if you no longer need a ride!

Are You a Visitor?

Visitors to the GLTC area can use Paratransit for up to 21 days during any 365 day period by providing documentation that they have been determined eligible for similar ADA Paratransit services by a transit agency in another part of the country.  Visitors who do not have this kind of eligibility because they live in areas without public transit service are asked to provide documentation of their health condition or disability.

Safety Tips!!!

  • You may not operate any audio or visual equipment that might interfere with the comfort of other passengers or impair the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely.
  • We cannot allow any inappropriate behavior, activities, or conversations on board, as they might interfere with the safety and comfort of our other passengers.
  • For safety reasons, you MUST wear a seat belt!
  • If you need additional help boarding or exiting the van, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please understand that failure to follow these tips and rules could result in the temporary suspension of your service.For more information regarding this public transportation service, please call 434.455.5099!

We will be more than happy to speak with you!

Application Forms

The following two applications are required in order to request Paratransit services.  Both applications can be filled out online and then printed for submission.

Click Here for the Paratransit Trip Request Form



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