Due to the mandatory curfew in place beginning June 2nd at 8 pm and to continue nightly for the foreseeable future, GLTC will close and lock the Transfer Station building at 7:45 pm starting tonight through Saturday June 6th.  Regular bus service will still continue until 10:15 pm with connections being made at the Transfer Station, however we would ask that everyone please abide by the curfew in place unless you fall into one of the exemptions below.

This closure is subject to change as well as necessary service adjustments dependent upon the events that unfold in the coming days.  We will make every effort to provide as much advance notice as possible before changes are made.

Under the curfew, people should not be present on any street, road and park with the following exceptions:
• Persons traveling to and from home, work, or places of worship
• Hospital personnel
• Members of the press
• State and City of Lynchburg employees and volunteers
• Military personnel including, but not limited to, National Guard troops
• Employees of public utility companies
• Private emergency medical transport workers
• Persons seeking emergency services
• Homeless persons